20 Pieces That Prove: Butter Yellow Is the Color of the Season

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From the spring wildflowers to the SS24 runways, the butter yellow trend is everywhere right now, and I’m absolutely loving it. Maybe it’s because I associate the shade of yellow with my childhood bedroom, smiley faces, and sunshine, but the color makes me inexplicably happy. Now that designers are bringing brightness to their collections with the color, I get a little serotonin boost every time I walk past a storefront or open my Instagram. Remember how red took over fashion last fall? Well the butter yellow trend is on the same trajectory. And thank goodness! This color might just be your new wardrobe bread and butter.

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Woman standing in field with butter yellow flowers.

It’s no surprise that butter yellow is having a moment—the color itself naturally screams spring. Not only is the hue representative of happiness but it exudes a soothing, gentle aura, making butter yellow a versatile choice for fabrics like silk, linen, denim, and even leather goods.

While some might shy away from yellow as too bold a choice, the butter yellow trend is subdued, approachable, and easy to style. It’s the perfect balance between adding color to an outfit without being too overpowering. Don’t be afraid to invest in some butter yellow pieces—I have a feeling yellow knits and leathers will melt into fall and winter. 

The butter yellow trend is subdued, approachable, and easy to style.

How to Style the Butter Yellow Trend

Styling the butter yellow trend becomes easy when you realize it’s essentially a warmer version of an off-white. The mellow yellow is basically a neutral, so it’ll pair well with whites, denims, and even blues and greens.

But the real key to styling butter yellow is to have fun with it! Wear the color in ways that will make you smile and feel confident without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone. Start small with a butter yellow bag or pair of shoes, and then eventually butter yourself to try a full monochrome look. I think you’ll find this shade of yellow is about as addicting as its namesake. 

Butter Yellow Dresses

The easiest way to quickly hop on the butter yellow trend is to style a butter yellow dress. They’re easy to throw on, pair well with white or brown sandals, and can be dressed up or down. Plus, dresses are a one-and-done outfit, so if you’re someone who struggles to put an entire outfit together, butter yellow dresses will be your best friend this spring and summer. 

Butter Yellow Tops

Nine times out of ten, I feel like a top is the first thing I notice about an outfit, making butter yellow tops essential to nailing this trend. The beauty of butter yellow tops is that they’ll probably go with almost every bottom you already have in your closet. From blue jeans to white linen pants to floral skirts, opting for a butter yellow top will automatically brighten up your look without being too hard to style. I love balancing a colored top with a matching pair of shoes. (But we’ll get to that later.)

Butter Yellow Bottoms

Butter yellow skirts, pants, and shorts will effortlessly elevate your favorite white tee or tank this season. I’m constantly gravitating toward my butter yellow silk skirt and am looking to add some butter yellow denim and/or linen pants into my rotation soon. With just one trusty white top and a selection of butter yellow bottoms, you can easily create multiple fresh, on-trend looks.  

Butter Yellow Bags

If you like to stick to a more neutral uniform, adding a butter yellow bag to your collection is an easy, low-lift way to try out the butter yellow trend. Accessorizing with fun handbag trends has always been my favorite way to inject personality into an outfit. A solid white or black outfit can instantly come to life with the addition of a vibrant, colorful bag. A butter yellow bag will brighten up any summer outfit, and affordable options make taking this route a no-brainer. 

Butter Yellow Shoes

I might have saved the best for last, because butter yellow shoes are everything to me at the moment. Now that the butter yellow trend is taking off, my favorite pairs of shoes have now been released in the shade. I’ve always been a sucker for shoes, but make them in my favorite color, and I’m a goner.

I love pairing butter yellow shoes with a matching top or bag or rounding out a completely monochrome look. You’ll be shocked at how much they go with everything in your closet. Warning: you’ll actively have to tell yourself not to wear them every day! 

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