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5 new Tata Electric Cars For India Detailed

In order to extend its dominance in the Indian four-wheeler electric market, Tata Motors is gearing up for the launch of 5 new EVs in India. If you are one of those prospective EV buyers who are waiting on the sidelines for new EV launches in India, then you have come to the right place. Following are the details of upcoming Tata Electric vehicles.

Tata Curvv EV

Tata Curvv EV

The newest EV to join the Tata Electric car lineup in India is the Tata Curvv EV. According to reports, the Curvv is expected to enter production soon. This will be the most unique model in the Indian EV market as it will boast a beautiful SUV Coupe-like styling.

Based on Tata’s new platform, the Curvv EV has been promised to deliver a driving range of around 500 km. This vehicle will also share the spotlight with its internal combustion engine counterparts. The company recently unveiled the Curvv diesel in India at the Bharat Mobility Global Auto Expo.

Tata Harrier EV

Tata Harrier EV

Apart from the Curvv diesel, the company at this year’s Bharat Mobility Global Auto Expo also unveiled the near-production version of the Harrier EV. This model was shown finished in a unique metallic green color and was equipped with a number of unique elements.

Set to hit the roads in the latter part of 2024, this electrified all-wheel-drive SUV is positioned to be the flagship model in Tata’s electric SUV lineup until the launch of Safari EV and Sierra EV. It will be offered with an impressive claimed driving range of over 500 km on a single charge. And it will also get an AWD setup as well.

Tata Safari EV

Tata Safari EV

Most likely, the Tata Safari EV will be based on the same underpinnings as the Harrier EV. This means that it too will come equipped with an AWD powertrain which offers a massive battery capable of offering 500 km range on a single full charge. According to reports, it will be launched after the launch of the new Harrier EV and will be based on the facelifted Tata Safari model.

Tata Sierra EV

Tata Sierra Ev


The newest near-production model of the Tata Sierra EV was recently shown at the Bharat Mobility Global Auto Expo. This model was seen with a slightly different exterior and interior design in comparison to the concept shown back in 2020.

This model will come equipped with a 60 kWh battery pack and offer a range of around 500-550 km. It is believed that it will get Tata’s all-new Acti.ev platform and will be launched next year in 2025.

Tata Altroz EV

Tata Altroz EV

Earlier in January of this year, it has been reported that the company is planning to launch the new Tata Altroz EV in 2025. Like all the upcoming Tata Electric vehicles, the new Altroz EV will also be based on the Acti.EV architecture. The Altroz EV is expected to share similarities with the Punch EV.

It is believed that it will offer comparable battery sizes of 25 kWh and 35 kWh. The ARAI-rated range of these battery packs is around 315 km and 421 km. As for the power figures, it is believed that they will be similar to that of the Punch EV.

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