All the Summer Beach Essentials to Grab on Your Next Target Run

I keep a few mental countdowns going throughout the year. As a holiday obsessive, I’m always aware of exactly how many days are left until Thanksgiving. (From the time of this publication, 188—get excited.) The first day of fall is always top of mind as well. (Finally, I can justify all my many Gilmore Girls marathons… ) And of course, the countdown until Memorial Day weekend signifies its own sort of transition. As the unofficial start of summer, we take the long weekend to leisurely lounge about. There’s time spent in the sun, indulging in all the warm-weather goodies, and connecting with family and friends. And to really make it a party, we sharing all the best summer beach essentials to stock up on.

In planning my kick-off to summer—and all the subsequent beach, pool, and lake hangs I’m planning throughout the season—I teamed up with Target to share my must-have summer faves. From swimwear to chic pool floats to sunnies that make the ‘fit, these are the Target essentials you need to make your summer special.

Pool floats summer essentials.

All the Summer Essentials We’re Stocking Up On This Season

Summer is all about embracing a mindset of play. We’re going barefoot, leaving our hair naturally air-dried, and yes, jumping in the water. No matter where you find yourself, whether it’s at the beach, lake, or sitting poolside, a carefree vibe is in the air. Pool floats let us lay out in the sun without getting soaked and beach reads offer hours of endless entertainment. To prep for all the fun, we headed—where else?—to Target for all the best pool, lake, and summer beach essentials to keep you stocked.

Target summer pool essentials camille styles
Pool sunscreen summer essentials
Target pool floats.

Summer Pool Essentials

The year is 2024 and we’re all collectively glued to Palm Royale. Mid-century summer style reigns supreme, spreading its colorful prints to accessories, serving dishes, and the like. You can add a little depth and interest to a cropped button-up with a bright print (perfect over your swimsuit or paired with a wide-leg pant). And a straw tote to fit all your pool essentials that doubles as an outfit-making accessory? We love.

Continue the party to the *actual* pool with floats you’ll be happy to feature in your Instagram story. No pool? No problem. We found the chicest inflatable pool that’s easy to set up in the backyard. Our idea of the perfect summer Saturday.

Handbag sandals towel summer essentials.
Striped towel summer essentials.
Target summer lake essentials camille styles

Summer Lake Essentials

I would happily spend every single summer day in, on, and by a lake. There’s something so grounding about the fresh air, the slight breeze off the water, and the endless array of activities you can do. Sure, you’ll be swimming, but there are also picnics to be had, boat rides to take, and s’mores to indulge in.

For all the possibilities the lake offers, you need to be prepared. Timeless tortoiseshell sunnies are an essential add-on to every outfit. While SPF is always a must, we love one that doubles up with a little glow. And the perfect lake outfit? Your favorite swimsuits paired with comfy shorts and a tote to house your towel and summer read. The ideal lake day awaits.

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Target summer beach essentials camille styles

Summer Beach Essentials

There’s nothing more quintessentially summer than a laidback, sun-soaked day spent at the beach. Dipping your toes and submerging yourself in the chill vibes is one of the best ways to cool off. Swimming, eating, reading books, and simply lying out in the sun with good company is my idea of a weekend well spent. And it’s not just the picturesque environments that sets the scene—it’s all the summer beach essentials I pile into my car that guarantees a good time.

I like packing snacks (see here for the best beach recipes) into a stainless steel lunch box. This ensures that everything stays at the right temp while also keeping sand away from the food. With towels, I also bring along a picnic blanket to eat on that we can easily pack up.

As for my preferred beach outfit, I keep things effortless but elegant. My simple formula? A streamlined one-piece with a flattering high-cut fit layered beneath a tiered maxi—paired with a modern slide. The result is comfortable (I don’t want to wear anything too fussy or hard to move in) while still maintaining a classic aesthetic. With just a swipe of lip gloss and an SPF 30 body glow gel, I have my beach look on lock.

Woman wearing bathing suit cutting citrus.
Coconut water from target.

Target is making it even easier for us to lean into the summer fun. Get all the best warm-weather deals AND same-day delivery with a Target Circle 360 membership. I love that it streamlines my shopping process—so I can spend more time in the water.

For more of my entertaining, food, decor, and fashion faves, explore and shop my Target storefront.

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