Billie Eilish obtains restraining order after she says stalker sent threats, visited her home

Billie Eilish obtained a restraining order against a man who’s been stalking her and threatening her friends and family.

In legal documents obtained by The Times, Eilish stated that Shawn Christopher McIntyre, 53, has been sending hundreds of messages via social media to her and her family since September. The messages to Eilish, her close family friend, Zoe Donahoe, and her mother, Maggie May Baird, contained “disturbing professions of love to me and other disturbing, violent threats against my brother Finneas Baird O’Connell.”

The “Bad Guy” hit maker said that she’s suffered substantial anxiety, fear and emotional distress over her personal safety and the safety of her family and friends. She cited an ongoing loss of peace, tranquility and personal space resulting from repeated instances of harassment by McIntyre. Eilish also said she’d hired a 24-hour security detail due to the threats. She requested that a judge grant the restraining order requiring McIntyre to cease any contact and to stay at least 100 yards away from her, her family and Donahoe.

One of the messages, included in the court documents, said that if Eilish didn’t arrive at McIntyre’s residence “soon” he’d take L.A. Metro to hurt her brother and his friends. The Instagram DMs detailed extreme threats of violence against O’Connell as well as vague threats of violence, including, “I’m sorry for what’s going to happen to your brother dude I tried you know what I’m saying I really did try…”

Many of the messages sent to Eilish were also incoherent ramblings that mentioned robots, threats to kill Elon Musk, and Musk’s brain-chip company, Neuralink.

The most recent, and perhaps the most alarming incident occurred Nov. 4 about 2:10 a.m. “I received a notification that someone was outside my residence and had rung the intercom bell several times,” Eilish wrote in the filing. “I was able to view a camera capturing the outside of my home, which showed the individual wandering around in front of the driveway gate of my residence, speaking into his phone, and eventually sitting down in front of the gate of my residence.”

The Glendale Police Department was called and arrived shortly thereafter. The police searched the man and asked him to leave, but Eilish’s security team spoke with police afterward, and they said that the man was McIntyre.

“Unless restrained, I fear Mr. McIntyre will go to greater lengths to contact me, or act on his violent threats against Finneas and Zoe,” Eilish wrote to the judge, noting that she is especially distressed that McIntyre knows where she lives and has visited her home, and her parents’ home as well, attempting to find her. “I am concerned that he is also aware of where Finneas and Zoe live and that if he is not restrained he will continue his pattern of harassment against all of us, act on his threats, and go to even more extreme lengths to act upon his wild fantasies.”

It was unclear whether McIntyre had legal representation and The Times was unable to contact him.

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