‘BTC, BNB, ATH, To the Moon…’ – Binance CEO has this to say about these ‘3s’

Binance CEO Richard Teng has been in the news lately thanks to his insights into the symbolic significance of the number three within the cryptocurrency domain. During a recent presentation to the Thai community, Teng expanded on his embrace of this numerical symbol, emphasizing its representation of commitment to three vital entities: Users, regulators, and partners.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Teng noted

“It represents my commitment to 3 key groups of stakeholders: (i) users; (ii) regulators; (iii) partners.”

Exploring numerical meanings in cryptocurrency

He delved deeper into the cultural and numerical significance of the number three, highlighting its ties to notions of luck, success, and abundance in both numerology and Chinese tradition.

“3 is a lucky number in numerology and amongst Chinese – associated with luck, success, abundance.”  

He added, 

“There are 3 letters in the hand symbol – W, V  and L – represents Win, Victory and Love.” 

His reference to the hand symbol representing the letters W, V, and L signifying Win, Victory, and Love, added another layer of significance. This notion lent insight into the fundamental principles guiding Binance’s operations and engagements within the crypto-landscape. 

Notably, Teng also pointed out the prevalence of three-syllable constructs in cryptocurrency terminology, citing examples like BTC, BNB, and ATH. 

“Also, many good things in crypto have 3 syllables – BTC, BNB, ATH, To The Moon…”

This observation hinted at a potential linguistic pattern within the industry, sparking speculation regarding its implications for future trends and market sentiment.

Is there an overall impact?

Some commentators online interpreted it as a rallying cry, symbolizing the pursuit of new heights in cryptocurrency adoption and market performance. Others perceived it as indicative of Binance’s ambitious aspirations and optimistic vision for the digital asset landscape.

Despite seeming anecdotal, however, this gesture seems to reinforce Binance’s ethos of positivity and triumph in its endeavours. In fact, it further encapsulates its commitment to success and community engagement within the crypto-sphere.

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