Chris Pine loves his vibey short shorts. Now, about those other workout outfits …

Chris Pine loves his short shorts, thank you very much.

The “Don’t Worry Darling” and “Dungeons & Dragon” actor found himself being asked to defend his unique and highly buzzed-about wardrobe choice. The issue: The white shorts he was photographed in after an Oct. 27 workout were just too short, according to some. However, that’s a them problem, not a Chris problem.

During an interview for his upcoming film, “Wish,” the normally dapper actor and social media style icon was told that his most viral article on E! News hinged on his shorts. When confronted with that information, he responded with “Oh, hell yeah.”

“I don’t think there is anything to defend,” the actor told the E! News reporter. “It’s called a short, isn’t it? It’s like, it’s supposed to be short.”

He also called the corduroy short-shorts “the best vibe.”

“It’s like a Tom Selleck vibe. It’s like a ‘70s surfer vibe. I prefer that than the long, you know,” he said, trailing off.

The comparisons kept on coming. Pine, alluding to the short uniforms of the showtime Lakers, asked “would you rather see them with the short shorts” that allowed players like Magic Johnson to look “like a basketball player and athlete” or see them “wearing some sort of capri on the floor?” Answering his hypothetical, he replied: “No. So, I’ll be wearing the short shorts.”

The 43-year-old also plans to rock the look “until the legs go,” quipping, “look up Tom Selleck, E! fans.”

While partial to colorful, tailored suits and classic tuxedos on the red carpet, Pine’s sartorial selections — specifically his unique personal wardrobe — have taken on a life of their own online.

Vogue credited him with bringing back men’s overalls in 2018 — the same year he raised eyebrows when he sported a breezy kaftan on vacation. Then, in July 2022, he nailed the “coastal grandmother” look. In June, he took to the streets of Milan barefoot on his way to a Zegna show during Fashion Week.

And just last month, a candid photo of Pine in an eclectic workout outfit — a tank top with a PBS logo paired with a colorful knit cardigan and black leggings — also turned more people than expected into keyboard fashion critics.

“Long Live Chris Pine Autumn,” Esquire said.

And GQ declared the “Wonder Woman” star “the King of the Freaky Post-Gym Fit”

Representatives for Pine did not immediately respond Wednesday to The Times’ requests for comment.

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