From Cottagecore to Japandi—How to Perfect Your Bedroom Aesthetic

When it comes to design styles, I don’t like to be boxed into just one. Perhaps it’s my Gemini sun, but I like it when I can embrace all the interior styles I love. My living room leans coastal, my office is ultra feminine, and I’m currently planning the cottagecore bedroom of my dreams. 

8 Dreamy Bedroom Styles to Transform Your Space

For the longest time, I put my bedroom design plans to the side, since it’s a space that guests don’t really spend time in. But I can see now that creating a calm, serene bedroom is intimate and lovely—and I wish I hadn’t put it off. It’s been fun exploring different bedroom styles to see what fits. If you want to discover your own bedroom style, or you want to give your bedroom a whole new aesthetic, read on for all the inspo.

If you find yourself daydreaming about running away to the countryside, the cottagecore aesthetic will be right up your alley. A cottagecore bedroom is cozy, simple, and inviting—think vintage furniture, lots of florals, wood, stone, and anything that reminds you of sunny, bucolic bliss. Keeping your color palette soft with pastels and warm neutrals will help set the tone for a calm and relaxing space. Nature-inspired accents like potted plants and flowers are also a must!


Who doesn’t want to live close to the water? Luckily you can bring the beach vibes to you, no matter where you live. A coastal-inspired bedroom includes crisp whites, soft blues and greens, woven furniture, and nautical accents. This bedroom style evokes a calm and serene beach-like ambience all year long. Bonus points if you have large, open windows and tons of sunshine. Gauzy curtains can add to the relaxed vibe of your space, especially if there’s a light breeze outside. All you need are ocean sounds and you’ll be transported to the seaside for the sweetest of dreams. 


Farmhouse interiors continue to be wildly popular. It’s hard not to fall for its rustic charm! Opt for wood furniture, black chandeliers, and a neutral color palette if you love this bedroom style. Farmhouse blends both old and new together seamlessly. Incorporating vintage and handcrafted items like quilts or other textiles is a fantastic way to personalize your bedroom and make it extra cozy, all while leaning into the farmhouse aesthetic. 


Neutrals reign supreme in a minimalist bedroom. Even if the rest of your home is filled with color and pattern, a minimalist bedroom might be exactly what you need when it comes to a good night’s rest. This bedroom style is easy on your nervous system—whites, creams, and taupes keep everything simple and relaxed. To keep a minimalist bedroom balanced, be sure you’re finding a variety of textures and contrast in your textiles. Embrace different hues of the simple, yet beautiful, neutral color palette as well.

Pro tip: To really embody the minimalist style, keep your phone out of the bedroom. A distraction-free bedroom will make falling asleep that much easier, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t kick your phone out sooner. 


Maximalism has been trending all year. This bedroom style is all about bold, eclectic decor, colors, and patterns. It’s highly individualized, and really about decorating with whatever brings you the most joy. Look for unique art, elaborate bedding, and interesting decor pieces to make your bedroom your own, personalized retreat. One specific maximalist trend I’ve been loving is pattern drenching, or adorning your room with a single pattern, top to bottom. This trend embraces a matchy-matchy vibe—why not have your wallpaper, drapes and bedding all go together? It’s a fun way to feel cocooned in your own personal style. 

If you love bright color palettes, decor that makes you smile, and pieces that are just plain fun—your aesthetic is whimsical. There’s a sense of playfulness to these spaces, making this a perfect bedroom style if you want your room to feel magical and inspiring. Don’t hesitate to buy quirky furniture (the strawberry side table I keep seeing on TikTok comes to mind!), hang fairy lights from the ceiling, or splurge on the canopy bed that makes you feel like a queen.  


Rich color palettes, atmospheric lighting, and a taste for sophistication are what moody bedrooms are made from. Deeper hues like black, navy, and burgundy are go-to’s for this bedroom style. While some might prefer a lighter, brighter color palette, others crave the cozy, intimate atmosphere a darker room creates. Painting the walls will instantly switch up the vibe in your moody bedroom. Opt for a large piece of art with colors that match your nightstands or pillows to create a balanced space.

There’s a lot of beauty in simplicity, and this bedroom style oozes peace and tranquility. 

Japandi is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics. Imagine if hygge (the Scandinavian practice of embracing all things cozy) and wabi-sabi (the ancient Japanese philosophy of contented slow living) joined forces to create the ultimate relaxed environment and you have Japandi. Known for its clean lines, natural textures and neutral color palette, it’s a perfect bedroom style to try if you’re looking for some zen.

Choose white and cream linens, keep a sprig of something green like eucalyptus on your nightstand, and keep your space a clutter-free zone. This will result in a peaceful and inviting bedroom that will make you want to curl up and catch up on some zzz’s. 

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