Hyundai Creta driver confuses brake with accelerator; Rams into bikers in Bengaluru [Video]

Dashboard footage of a Hyundai Creta going out of control in heavy traffic has gone viral online. The footage shows the Creta going over other bikers and even a police personnel was injured. The accident happened Sunday evening at Kalena Agrahara under the Hulimavu traffic police station limits.

The incident happened at 4 pm. The dashboard of another vehicle captured the footage. According to the police, three people sustained minor injuries and were treated at the hospital. Police have arrested the car driver, who has been identified as Abhishek Agarwal, 43 years old.

The driver was not drunk, according to the cops. He was instantly tested for alcohol on the spot. However, nothing could be found. His blood samples were further sent for further tests for intoxicants. The driver, who has been arrested said that he confused the brake pedal with the accelerator.

Hyundai Creta driver confuses brake with accelerator; Rams into bikers in Bengaluru [Video]

The video shows how the Creta, because of its high ground clearance went over other vehicles and bikes. If it had been happened to a small car like a hatchback or sedan, the results could have been very different.

Many such incidents

There have been numerous instances in the past where drivers have mistakenly pressed both the accelerator and the brake pedals, resulting in accidents. It is crucial for car drivers, especially new ones, to have a good understanding of the pedals and modes in automatic cars to avoid such incidents. These accidents can have severe consequences, causing injuries to people involved.

One incident that occurred earlier this year involved a Volkswagen Vento that reversed into a restaurant. Although it is uncertain whether the driver was inexperienced or simply made the mistake of putting the car in reverse instead of drive, similar incidents have been captured on camera in the past.

In another incident last year, a Tata Tiago fell from a showroom due to the owner’s confusion. The dealership was delivering the vehicle to the customer, and the CCTV footage reveals that the car was situated on a hydraulic ramp on the first floor. The customer, who was in the driver’s seat, was engaged in conversation with the salesman.

The salesman appeared to be explaining the features of the Tata Tiago, which led to the engine being turned on. The footage depicts the vehicle starting to move, with the salesman attempting to stop the driver. However, the car continues straight through the glass panes and plummets to the ground from the first floor.

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