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Indian Uncles Ask American Bikers For Photoshoot: So Wholesome, Says Internet

Over the years, we have seen several videos on social media where people have stopped and admired an expensive or exotic car, or for that matter an exotic bike. In most instances, the owners of these expensive cars and bikes do not mind people getting too close to their vehicle. Some of them even take these admirers for a spin in their expensive cars. Today, we have a video where a bunch of Indian uncles ask American bikers for a photoshoot with their big, burly motorcycles.


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The video has been shared by Ahmed-Al Kadri on his Facebook/Instagram profile. The person recording the video can be heard saying that the Indian uncles had approached the bikers in the US and asked them if they could pose with the bikes. The bikers happily agreed to it and allowed the Indian uncles to sit on the bikes.

A couple of uncles from the group sat on the bikes while another uncle with them was clicking the picture. They were extremely happy. It looks like the uncles were sitting on a Harley Davidson Road Glide, which is an expensive, top-of-the-line touring motorcycle from the American motorcycle manufacturer. In fact, this bike costs over Rs 40 lakh in India.

The motorcycle is powered by a 1,868 cc engine that generates 93 Bhp and 158 Nm of peak torque. After posing for pictures with the bike, the old men stood and asked the bikers to pose with them for a picture. The bikers, Indian uncles, everyone looked happy. The video was posted online and went viral almost immediately.

Many users who came across the video posted a comment under it. One of them wrote, “Indians have a very special place in their hearts for motorbikes. I love those guys who let them take pics with the bikes and with them. Thank you for giving them your time and letting them make memories. God bless you and keep you safe on your path!

Indian uncles with US bikers
Indian uncles with US bikers

Another user wrote, “They gonna go back home and say these two are our bodyguards in the USA lol.” In the end, both bikers and the uncle, also the person recording the video, were left with smiles on their faces.

It was actually a great gesture from the bikers who allowed these uncles to not only get close to their bikes but also sit on these motorcycles. Just like the uncles, everyone who is watching this video will be left with a smile on their face.

The person recording the video did say that the uncles were posing like Bollywood actors. This is not the first time we have come across a wholesome video like this on the internet. Recently, we came across a video from India where a Lamborghini Huracan owner actually spotted a car spotter following him on a Honda Activa scooter.

The Lamborghini owner stopped the car and decided to give the car spotter a ride in his supercar. Similarly, we also came across a video where the owner of a Ferrari 488 supercar spotted a kid admiring his supercar and trying to peek into the car. The owner then came to his car and offered him a ride in the supercar.

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