Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R rider in India fails to take a high-speed corner, crashes: Caught on video

There are many who find thrill in riding at high speeds, especially on the winding roads of mountains. This video captured on two helmet-mounted cameras shows why it is dangerous to do such high speeds. The footage comes from hilly roads in the North of India.

The video shows a group of riders on a mountain road. The first video shows the footage from the helmet-mounted camera of the Kawasaki ZX-10R rider. He is following a KTM Duke as the motorcycles pass through the winding roads at a high speed.

As they approach one of the turns, the KTM Duke applies brakes to slow down. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R rider, however, decides to continue at the same speed. When the rider realises that he is at a very high speed to take the corner and his motorcycle is understeering, he applies the brakes, which further disbalances it.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R rider in India fails to take a high-speed corner, crashes: Caught on video

The Ninja then hits a patch of gravel on the shoulder of the road, causing the rider to fall down. Incidentally, there were no cars coming from the opposite side of the road. But it seems like the rider and the bike had hit the boundary wall of the bridge. The rider was all geared up did not sustain many injuries and quickly got up as well.

The same accident from another angle is captured by the KTM Duke, which was following the Ninja. The footage shows how the Kawasaki Ninja was carrying too much speed for the corner and the rider to could not take the turn safely.

Owning a superbike in India

Handling a regular commuter motorcycle doesn’t necessarily mean one can easily handle a superbike since it can be quite a different experience altogether. Superbikes are typically very heavy and have an aggressive riding position. Manoeuvring at crawling speeds requires a lot of effort to keep the bike balanced, and they are not suitable for lane-splitting in heavy Indian traffic.

Expert motorbike handling requires a high level of skill and proper training. Without it, one cannot tap into the full potential of a superbike. That is why specialized training for riding superbikes is vital. Internationally, the California Superbike School is renowned for creating world-class riders and also conducts sessions in India. In India, training providers like IndiMotard offer professional training on the proper use of superbikes’ power while also ensuring safety on the roads.

Mountain riding and driving can provide a thrilling experience, but it is essential to take certain precautions. It is crucial to stay in your lane while navigating through the mountains, especially when encountering blind corners. Overtaking on blind corners should be strictly avoided, regardless of how empty the roads may seem. To overtake safely in mountainous areas, it is important to ensure a clear view of the road ahead and check for any oncoming traffic. Additionally, parking at blind corners can be hazardous and should be avoided.

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