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Man In Car Roughs Up Biker For Telling Him Not To Go In ‘Wrong Way’: Arrested [Video]

A lot of people in India believe that they can easily get away after bending the traffic rules. Recently, an incident of one such Maruti Suzuki Baleno driver breaking a traffic rule has come forward. In a video shared online, a biker was seen confronting this Baleno owner as he was approaching a one-way road. Despite being in the wrong, this Baleno driver had the audacity to manhandle the biker who was stopping him.

Baleno owner fights with scooter rider

This video of the Baleno driver getting into a heated fight with a biker has been shared on X by Srujan Kadamba on their page. It was then reposted by Third Eye on their page. The original post had 2 videos and a picture of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno which this driver was driving.

In the first video, it can be noted that the person with a scooter was recording the video. He shows a motorcycle rider and a Maruti Suzuki coming towards a narrow one-way road. After confronting this biker, the Baleno driver comes out of the vehicle. He then immediately comes close to the person recording the video.

What happens next?

Baleno driver going wrong side

Following this, he starts pushing the man recording the video. This Baleno driver was then seen confronting the man despite knowing that he is driving in the wrong direction. Soon after this, another man comes to break off the fight between these two people.

It can be then observed that despite having an altercation about driving on the wrong side, the Baleno driver continues and blocks the road on which the traffic was coming. He can be seen reversing his hatchback. A number of vehicles coming from a single road can be noted stopping due to this man’s reluctance to drive on the wrong side.

Was this man caught?

Baleno owner wrong side

For those wondering if this man who was manhandling the person recording the video has been caught or not? The answer to this is, thankfully, he was promptly caught by the police authorities. One of the users of the platform shared a picture of this man with his Maruti Suzuki Baleno and a police officer. He was seen standing with folded hands.

Never drive on the wrong side

Everyone should drive their vehicle on their respective lane. This is because driving on the wrong side is one of the most dangerous things to do on the road. Recently, showing how exactly driving on the wrong side can cause huge accidents, a video was shared online.

In this particular video, a Tata Ace pickup truck was driving on the wrong side of a flyover on a rainy day. It was noted that a Tata pickup truck was coming from towards this Tata Ace going in the wrong direction.

What happens next is the Tata pickup truck driver could not brake in time. And because of this, it crashes into the Tata Ace, in turn giving injuries to the driver and passenger of the Tata Ace. It was noted that the Tata Pickup truck driver tried to avoid this accident but because of rain, he could not control the vehicle.

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