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Massive Tree Falls On Brand New Honda Elevate In Bengaluru: SUV’s Roof Holds Up Quite Well

Imagine parking your newly bought SUV on the road, only to return to find that a massive tree has just fallen on your car. It would be a heart-wrenching scene, right? Well, this is exactly what recently happened yesterday in Bengaluru, Karnataka. A huge tree fell on a newly registered Honda Elevate SUV that was parked outside the Honda showroom on the city’s Lavelle road. Interestingly, the roof of the Honda Elevate, despite heavy heavy tree falling on it, held up quite well, impressing everyone about the SUV’s build quality.

Honda Elevate with tree on roof

The picture of this SUV has come courtesy of Deccan Herald. We can note there is a massive dry tree that has fallen on top of the roof of this silver Honda Elevate compact SUV. The entire roof and the front windshield can be seen completely destroyed. Apart from this, the rest of the car appears to be intact.

Where did this happen?

According to reports, this incident took place opposite the Dakshin Honda car dealership. This dealership is located behind the Bowring Institute. It has been reported that this incident took place at 9:15 AM when a dried-out tree trunk fell on a brand-new silver Honda Elevate.

honda elevate tree fall bengaluru

Soon after the incident was reported, Cubbon Park Police arrived at the location. One of the officers stated, “The tree, which protrudes from the Bowring Institute compound wall, has been dry for several years. It is likely that it fell due to the heat.” The police authorities reported that no one was injured in this incident.

Honda Elevate Safety

Honda Elevate safety ratings internal crash test


Although the Elevate has not been given an official Global NCAP rating, it was claimed by Honda that in all the internal crash tests performed by them, the SUV passed with flying colors and meets all global safety standards.

In the SUV’s launch presentation, Honda highlighted that the Elevate underwent a series of rigorous crash tests. These included front (offset) crash tests at 64 kmph and side-moving barrier tests at 50 kmph. It also tested for flat barrier tests at 50 kmph, side pole impact tests at 32 kmph, and rear-moving barrier tests at 50 kmph.

Additionally, it also aced the front (offset) test at 64 kmph with a child dummy. The internal crash tests also covered pedestrian protection, with Elevate officially achieving AIS100 Pedestrian Protection Test.

While getting a good score in a crash test (which is performed under controlled test conditions with crash dummies in the car instead of real humans) is one thing, a car performing well in a real-world crash is quite a notable achievement. Such real-world scenarios underscore the fact that accidents can and will happen, and this is why it’s important for one to buy the safest car out there that fits your budget.

Structural stability matters!

A weaker car’s roof would have collapsed, and this could have proven fatal had any passenger been in the car when the tree crashed on it. Notably, Global NCAP and other organizations that test car crash safety have a specific field called body structure, which is either rated stable or unstable.

An unstable body structure indicates that the car’s structural rigidity is low and that the vehicle cannot withstand further loads (apart from the forces that it’s subject to during the crash test). On the other hand, a stable body structure indicates that the car is quite strong, and that it can withstand further loading.

If the Honda Elevate were to be put through a crash test, we would expect it’s structure to be rated as stable, in line with that the real-world crash test with a massive tree falling the SUV’s roof has indicated.

Notably, most Honda cars tested by Global NCAP, including the Jazz hatchback and the Amaze compact sedan have received a stable body structure rating, which indicates that these cars are well built.

Honda Elevate Safety Features and Engine

honda elevate front view
Honda Elevate

In terms of safety features, the Honda Elevate comes loaded with a ton of features. Its list includes a range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features through the Honda Sensing platform. These include road departure mitigation, collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assist, auto high beam, adaptive cruise control, and lead car departure notification.

The ADAS (Honda Sensing) system in the Elevate is camera based, and this makes it a notch less efficient than one based on radar. Notably, the Mahindra XUV700’s ADAS is radar-based, and is said to be more accurate than a camera-based system.

honda elevate interior dashboard
Honda Elevate interior dashboard

Additionally, the SUV also boasts six airbags, hill start assist, vehicle stability assist, and agile handling assist. There is also ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors and camera, and an emergency stop signal on offer by Honda.

The Honda Elevate comes powered by the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine as the City sedan. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual and a CVT gearbox option. The engine delivers 121 PS of maximum power and 145 Nm of peak torque.

The Elevate has been a hot seller for Honda, clocking a steady 4,000-5,000 monthly units. The SUV is aimed at those wanting a sturdy, well-styled SUV that’s high on refinement, mileage and reliability. Like all Hondas, the Elevate is low on maintenance. Honda also exports the Elevate to Japan, where the SUV is sold as the all-new WR-V.

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