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No Cheap Tesla Cars For India

The American electric carmaker, Tesla Inc., is about to enter the Indian automotive market. There were also reports that the company will be launching a new, more affordable electric car in the country. However, recent developments indicate that while Tesla is planning to come to India, it may not be offering affordable EVs in the beginning. Recently, Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla, also postponed his meeting with PM Narendra Modi in Delhi.

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Tesla has currently stated that it is prioritizing existing production lines over investing in new factories. The company aims to increase its production capacity by 50% to reach 3 million units. The company stated that it plans to achieve this before considering new manufacturing lines. According to experts, this move comes as the company aims to grow vehicle volumes efficiently during uncertain market conditions.

Tesla’s Investment Plans and Policy Changes

Despite India’s efforts to attract Tesla through policy changes, including reducing customs duties on electric cars, it has been reported that the company’s investment plans may not align with the requirements set forth by the Indian government.

Additionally, it is also believed that Tesla’s decision to postpone CEO Elon Musk’s visit to India solidifies this news. It indicates that the company’s investment plans, including a reported $2-3 billion investment proposal, might be on hold.

Scrapped Model 2 Plans

Made in india Tesla to be launched

So what does it mean for the affordable electric car that Tesla was planning for India? Well, the answer is that its recent announcements indicate that Tesla has scrapped its plans for the Model 2. It was expected that this model could lure in many Indian electric car buyers.

However, now it seems like that this won’t be happening anytime soon. This decision has left many enthusiasts disappointed as well. The Tesla Model 2 was anticipated to cater to a broader audience of EV enthusiasts.

Focus on Existing Models and Markets

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Apart from this, it has been reported that Tesla has decided to focus on utilizing existing factories. These plants will be used for producing new and more affordable vehicles. Most likely, this has been done to efficiently grow the company without straining it financially.

According to reports, instead of introducing new models like the Model 2, the company plans to leverage its current manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. This strategy will allow Tesla to navigate market challenges and capitalize on its established lineup of vehicles.

Challenges in Expanding Capacity

As per the sources, expanding production capacity while facing slowing sales growth presents significant challenges for the company. Analysts have also pointed out that Tesla’s vehicle volume growth rate may be notably lower in the coming years compared to previous years. This poses obstacles to the company’s expansion efforts, including its entry into new markets like India.

Elon Musk Postponed Meet with PM Modi

elon Musk narendra modi

Earlier this month, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted his plans to visit India to meet PM Narendra Modi. In his tweet, he stated, “Looking forward to meeting with Prime Minister @NarendraModi in India!”.

However, it was then reported that his planned visit of April 21-22 has been postponed. The billionaire CEO stated that there were “very heavy” Tesla obligations which he had to attend. But to make up for it, he has promised to visit India later this year.


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