Oh, so that's why Lenny Kravitz works out in leather pants

Lenny Kravitz works out when he feels like it.

An overwhelming desire to lift large weights apparently can strike out of the blue: Gym. NOW.

And if he’s wearing a mesh tank top, Ray-Bans, boots and leather trousers, so what? Stopping to peel off one’s pants could derail the whole enterprise.

“A lot of times I’m coming from somewhere or I’m going somewhere,” the Grammy winner — whose “Blue Electric Light” studio album drops May 24 — told Variety. “And I just don’t care.

“I’m gonna pop in, I’ve got 45 minutes, we’re gonna hit it and I’m gonna go run to where I’m going.”

It was a social media post from last month that sparked the recent awestruck “Lenny Kravitz works out in leather” observations. “Seize your day,” Kravitz advised.

The sleekly muscled, 5-foot-9 musician pumped iron in tight-fighting, non-breathable pants. It seemed a situation that could lead to a meltdown and brought to mind a leather-clad Ross on “Friends.” A few fans were dumbfounded: What was the state of his posterior, and other parts?

Turns out he sweats only when he does cardio, he told Variety, not when he lifts weights. Good for him!

Now — some longtime fans are likely familiar with his other parts.

Nearly nine years ago, Kravitz crouched while performing onstage and split an essential seam, providing a clear view of the full monty. The pants that split were, of course, leather. He then went backstage and put on … another pair of skin-tight leather pants.

He later dubbed the incident #penisgate.

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