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Ola Electric Scooter Breaks Down 5 Times in 3 Months: Woman Regrets Buying It [Video]

Ever since the launch of the S1 and S1 Pro range electric scooters from Bengaluru-based EV two-wheeler manufacturer Ola Electric, people have been coming forward with numerous complaints. A lot of these complaints have been regarding the burning down of Ola Electric scooters, poor build quality, and also poor service quality as well. Now, in another incident of poor service and build quality of Ola Scooters, a woman from Solapur, Maharashtra, has come forward with the complaint of her Ola Electric scooter, which broke down 5 times since its purchase 3 months ago.

Ola Electric scooter breaks down 5 times in 3 months

The videos in which the woman customer was seen explaining and yelling her problems in front of the Ola dealership employees have been shared on X by Imraan Sagari. In the first video, the woman was seen folding her hands in front of the camera, introducing herself, and explaining her situation.

She starts by stating that she bought her Ola electric scooter three months ago and ever since then it has stopped working five times, and she had to bring her vehicle to the shop each time. The customer adds that in three months three parts have already been changed by the dealership and it still stops working.

Ola customer fed with faulty ev scooter

Following this, she adds that she is regretting her decision of buying an Ola Electric scooter. She urges other people to avoid buying Ola Electric scooters as the product quality is poor and the employees at the dealership also do not provide any assistance.

The customer adds that every time she complains they mention that they can only repair the vehicle after it has broken down. Apart from this, ‘the dealership employees say that they do not have any authority and cannot help her’, she added.

Ola customer warning other customer

What else did she say?

In the other video, she was seen trying to explain her problems to another customer at the Ola Electric dealership. During this, the dealership employees were arguing with her but she persisted and managed to tell her problems to the other customer at the showroom.

She said that at the time of buying the scooter she was not told that she would have to take her scooter to different places and talk to different people for her to get it fixed. She also added that every time her vehicle broke down and was brought to the dealership, the employees promised and even guaranteed her that she won’t face any more problems.

Ola customer fed with faulty ev scooter

However, she states that this has been going on for three months since her purchase of the scooter. She adds that she lives far away and has a job, and every time her scooter breaks down she has to bring it back to the dealership which is far away from her home.

She adds that she has been suffering mentally and physically because of this poor quality of service and she requests each and everyone to avoid buying Ola Electric scooters. In another clip she was outside the dealership where one of the employees asked her to compromise. Upon hearing this she again lashed out at the employees and said that she won’t tolerate this anymore.

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