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Out-Of-Control Mahindra Scorpio Hits Multiple Cars: Public Thrash Driver [Video]

Accidents happen on the road. On average, hundreds of accidents happen every day. In most cases, accidents occur due to the carelessness of the driver or someone else. We recently came across a case where a white Mahindra Scorpio lost control and rammed into multiple cars parked on the side of the road.

The video of this horrific accident has been circulating on various social media platforms and news portals. The accident happened in Maharashtra’s Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. In the video, we see a Mahindra Scorpio parked on the side of the road moving forward. While moving ahead, it hits a car parked on the right side of the road. The driver probably panicked, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

It is also possible that the driver was not very experienced and got scared after the first crash. After crashing into the parked vehicle, the Scorpio moved to the road and continued in the wrong direction.

It crashed into another vehicle that was passing through the road. The SUV was damaged, but the vehicle did not stop. The Scorpio turned around and crashed into another vehicle parked on the opposite side of the road.

The speed of the SUV had also increased by now, and it once again turned and crashed into the second vehicle passing through the road. The SUV created a chaotic situation on the road, and people were running for their lives. After crashing into multiple vehicles, the Scorpio driver finally managed to bring the car to a halt at a petrol pump.

Scorpio crashed into multiple cars
Scorpio crashed into multiple cars

By then, the people at the crash site were furious with the driver. They approached the vehicle, pulled the driver out, and started arguing and thrashing him. We can see in the video how the driver was brutally hit by the group of men for putting the lives of other innocent road users at risk.

The reports mention that there was a vehicle malfunction, which caused the driver to lose control. The exact cause of this accident is still not clear. It is because of these reasons that it is always recommended to inspect and service the car regularly. It is said that four individuals were injured in this accident. It doesn’t look like any of them were seriously injured.

While we understand the feelings and anger that people might have had after witnessing an out-of-control car injuring people on the road, it is not a strong enough reason to thrash or physically assault anyone. If the people gathered at the spot had an issue, they should have ideally called the cops, informed them about the incident, and let them take necessary actions.

They would also investigate whether the car had a mechanical issue or if the driver was simply lying. It is not clear whether the driver of the Scorpio was injured, and if he was injured in any manner, the first priority of the people gathered around should have been to check if he is fine and if not, they should take him to a nearest hospital. Similar incident was reported from Kerala last week, where a Volkswagen Polo that lost control had crashed into 6 other vehicles.

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