Preparing For Your Big Business Event & Presentation

Whether preparing for a trade show or hosting a networking day, preparing for a business presentation can be very stressful. However, the rewards of aceing this part of the event are too grand to ignore. Besides, with the right preparations in place, even an experienced public speaker can see great results.

It might seem like a daunting prospect, but the five simple steps below will help you achieve the desired results.

#1. Prepare The Event Space

Before worrying too much about the presentation itself, you must familiarise yourself with the venue. For starters, the location may influence your preparations on the day itself. Meanwhile, the size and capacity can impact the presentation style and possibilities.

This guide to setting up a business event highlights the need for a winning venue and theme. You must also feel comfortable with the seating layouts, tech equipment, and general surroundings. Aside from putting your mind at ease, it avoids the threat of unforeseen problems and circumstances. 

There is nothing worse than arriving at a venue and realising that you can’t do the presentation as planned. An understanding of the setting allows you to make any adjustments that may be required. 

#2. Use Visual Aids

Public speaking can be daunting, even if you are a confident business leader. Thankfully, there are several simple tactics that will make the process a little easier on your mind. The use of visual aids is undeniably one of the most effective.

Printing out quality books is particularly effective. It allows guests to follow the presentation with ease. Moreover, they can re-visit the materials at a later date to refamiliarise themselves with the content. From a personal perspective, you can use this along with cue cards to help move the presentation along.

Another option is to prepare a video that can be played. It breaks up the presentation for added engagement. It reduces the amount of content you need to memorise. And it ensures that key details are included in this crucial part of the presentation.

#3. Invest In Your Look

Attendees won’t only judge your event on the quality of the presentation itself. People and human interactions remain the heartbeat of any successful venture, which is why you are the biggest USP. Therefore, investing in your appearance for the big event is highly advised.

People start to form opinions of others within the first second of seeing them. The right outfit and beauty routines will naturally encourage guests to respond more positively. Crucially, looking at the part makes you feel the part too. Your increased confidence will be seen in your body language, thus allowing you to cast a more commanding figure. 

If nothing else, it sets a more professional vibe that brings the whole presentation together. You may even find that the improved appearance compensates for any minor mishaps during the presentation.

#4. Practise

It’s the oldest cliche in the book, but practice makes perfect. If you want the presentation itself to run smoothly, it needs to roll off the tongue. Knowing the content is one thing, but expressing it is another. The more times you complete the speech, the better it will flow.

Aside from making the words come naturally on stage, it is your chance to focus on body language. After all, up to 93% of all communication is nonverbal. While the figure is probably a little lower on your business event, the right tone and pacing are vital. They will actively support your winning body language to set a more positive tone.

You can practise in many different settings. However, you should at least have one run-through in front of an audience. Removing the fear of public speaking from the equation will inevitably enhance the presentation.

#5. Know Your Post-Speech Strategy

A successful public speech will feel like a huge win, and rightly so. However, the subsequent steps are equally important, especially if you want guests to take the right action. Whether it’s raising funds or generating leads, clear objectives are vital.

Once you know what you want to achieve, it will allow you to perfect any one-to-one interactions. If you haven’t already done it, capturing their email addresses is vital. This will allow you to send a follow-up email thanking them for their attendance. This also opens the door to requesting the desired action from them.

Besides, having this information in advance may actively guide some aspects of the presentation itself. Ultimately, it will ensure that the business event feeds into a more effective overall strategy. You’ve got this.

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