Royal Enfield Continental GT650 Crashes Into A Toyota Fortuner Overtaking On A Narrow Road [Video]

Riding on Indian roads is extremely dangerous, and one must be extremely careful while doing so. One needs to keep an eye out for reckless drivers, stray cattle, dogs, and even people who carelessly cross the road. In the following video, a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 rider on a road trip crashes into a Toyota Fortuner that was attempting to overtake on a very narrow stretch of road. The entire incident was captured on camera, revealing exactly what happened.

The video has been shared by Mid Hill Rider on his YouTube channel. It seems that the YouTuber is from Nepal, and he, along with his friends, was on a road trip on their bikes. The video shows the vlogger riding a Bajaj Pulsar NS200, while the group has other bikes such as Benelli TNT and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. The road was narrow but straight. The vlogger saw this as an opportunity to ride fast, and the other members also had the same idea.

When the video started, the bike was traveling at over 100 km/h on the narrow road. At one point, if you observe carefully, two guys from their group were standing on the side of the road to record a video of the bikes passing. The vlogger spotted them, and just after them, a Toyota Fortuner driver was overtaking an autorickshaw from the opposite lane. The Pulsar rider applied brakes to avoid a crash with the car, but the Continental GT 650 rider behind him didn’t see the car, and he couldn’t slow down in time.

The GT650 rider crashed into the rear of the NS200 and lost balance. The NS200 rider was completely unaware of the events that happened behind him. He stopped the bike on the roadside and walked to check on his friend. The biker was worried to see his friend lying in the middle of the road. The rider was unconscious, and his helmet windscreen was also broken.

Royal Enfield Continental GT650 Crashes Into A Toyota Fortuner Overtaking On A Narrow Road [Video]
Continental GT650 rider crashed into Fortuner

The video shows that the GT650 rider, after rear-ending the NS200, lost control and fell off the bike. He was thrown into the opposite lane from where the Fortuner was coming. The Fortuner driver couldn’t do much, and the biker’s helmet crashed into the front door of the Fortuner. Fortunately, he was thrown away from the SUV after this. His body didn’t come under the vehicle, preventing further injury. In this case, both parties are at fault. As you can see, the bikers were not riding within the speed limits.

It also appears that they were traversing this route for the first time. As it was a new road, they should have been much more careful. They shouldn’t have been overspeeding in any case. The Fortuner driver was also driving recklessly, and he didn’t even care to stop after the crash. He fled the scene. Ideally, they should have stopped and checked if the rider was fine or not. The rider did eventually regain consciousness, but he was definitely injured. The video also emphasizes how important riding gears are while going on road trips. The GT650 rider would have suffered a serious head injury if he was not wearing a helmet.

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