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Scam, Suicide Attempt Or Mistake? Man Jumps In Front Of Car

Indian roads can be considered as some of the most dangerous roads in the world. As a driver, you can get involved in a very dangerous accident in just a nick of time. Another one of the biggest rising problems in the country is scams on public roads. We have featured a number of stories in which people would lay down in front of a car on the road to extort money from the drivers. However, recently, a very strange video of what looks to be a scam or a suicide attempt has been shared online.

Importance of dashcam, insurance scam
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This video has been shared on Reddit, and in this short video, something very strange takes place. The video starts with a car having a dashcam overtaking a truck on a national highway. We can note that the driver did not do anything wrong as he was overtaking a slow-moving truck from the right side.

However, what happens next is a bone-chilling incident. We can note that after overtaking a truck on the left, the person driving the car accelerates. But surprisingly, a person jumps on the road from the divider. What’s even more terrifying is that he landed right in the middle of the two lanes of the highway.

What happened next?

Thankfully, due to the alertness of the driver with the dashcam in his car, this man who jumped in front was not crushed by the car driver. The video then shows the person on the road from the rear dashcam. However, due to the glaring lights from the incoming vehicles, it cannot be clearly determined if the man survived or got crushed by another unsuspecting vehicle.

Is it a scam or an insurance fraud?

Man jumped on road infront of car

Netizens on the internet have been trying to rationalize this odd behavior of the man who jumped onto the road. Some people have said that it could be a scam or insurance fraud. However, many believe that it could not be either of those.

The primary reason submitted by these netizens is the timing and positioning of the jump. Users have stated that the person jumped at the very end moment to jump from the divider. And if he wanted to jump in front of a vehicle for insurance fraud or scam, he would have jumped a little early as it would give the driver of the vehicle time to stop.

This would then give the opportunity to the person who jumped in front to extort money or claim insurance without being dead. However, in this particular video, as mentioned above, the person jumped at the very end. This could not have given any driver time to stop.

Is it a suicide attempt?

Man jumped on road

Although this cannot be confirmed with only the help of the video, most of the netizens believe that this indeed was a suicide attempt. Speculations say that the man had timed the jump and the spot of falling in the middle of the two lanes. He might have done this in hopes of getting crushed by a fast-moving truck.

Could it be a mistake?

Last but not least, a lot of people have also speculated that the man could have actually tripped and fallen over into the road while crossing it. Some netizens have highlighted that the man was wearing flip-flops.

This could have also happened while he was attempting to quickly cross the highway. His flip-flops might have gotten stuck in the divider and due to his speed, he fell into the middle of the highway. However, this again is speculation, and nothing can be said with confidence.

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