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Scorpio-N & Fortuner Compared by Australian Expert [Video]

When it comes to the most popular full-size ladder-on-frame SUVs, the Mahindra Scorpio-N and Toyota Fortuner are the two big names in India. Interestingly, both of these SUVs are also available for sale in Australia as well. Recently, a comparison video of both of these SUVs was shared online by an Australian automotive channel.

The Australian comparison video of the Scorpio-N and Fortuner has been shared on YouTube. It comes courtesy of CarSauce. The video starts off with the presenter giving a brief overview of the two cars. He states that both of these SUVs are very capable off-roaders and popular in India.

Exterior comparison

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner front

Following this, he starts with the comparison of the two SUVs. For this, the presenter first talks about the exterior design of the two SUVs. He states that the Fortuner, although looks macho and stylish, is a bit old and is due for a facelift.

He then shows the Mahindra Scorpio-N and states that from the front, it looks very butch. The presenter adds that he likes the boxy design of the Scorpio-N. Next up, he mentions that both get LED headlights, gloss black grilles.

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner side

Next up, he states the Fortuner also gets ADAS sensors on the front. However, the Scorpio-N misses out on this crucial safety feature. Hence, recently, it scored a shocking 0-star ANCAP safety rating.

Moving on, the presenter shows the side profile of the two cars. He states that he prefers the Fortuner’s side profile more because of its sleek design. Following this, he goes to the rear of the cars and shows the unique design of both SUVs. He adds that he still prefers the Fortuner over the Scorpio-N.

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner rear

During the exterior comparison, the presenter adds that although the Scorpio is only 100mm shorter than the Fortuner, it still gets more wheelbase. He adds that the Scorpio-N also looks wider and taller, but it still feels a bit smaller yet bigger than the Fortuner.


Following this, the expert then compares the practicality of the two SUVs. He states that although both get foldable third and second-row seats, they both are not very efficient in space management. He adds that the Fortuner gets a powered tailgate, which is very slow.

Interior comparison

Scorpio-N vs Fortuner interior

Next up, the presenter then takes the seat inside the Mahindra Scorpio-N. He states that the Mahindra Scorpio-N’s interior is very nicely laid out and spacious. It comes loaded with features and even though it does not get real leather, the presenter states that it feels very premium.

He then goes inside the Toyota Fortuner and immediately states his opinion. The presenter mentions that it looks very dated and the equipment inside is also very old. He adds that even though it comes with real leather, it feels like vinyl.

Driving dynamics

scorpio-N driving dynamics

Lastly, the presenter starts with the driving impressions of the two cars. He starts with the Mahindra Scorpio-N. According to him, the Scorpio-N, even though it has a ladder-on-frame chassis, drives very nicely. He states that there is minimal body roll. It also has great suspension, he adds.

Moving on, he then drives the Toyota Fortuner. Immediately, he states that it feels more powerful. However, it is not very comfortable as it has a huge amount of body roll. The car also feels very cumbersome, adds the presenter. He states that it does not justify its $25,000 more asking price.

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