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The Truth Behind the ‘Haunted’ Rolls Royce of Ayesha Villa! [Video]

Over the years, we have heard numerous stories of some houses being haunted. However, we rarely hear stories of a car being haunted. But for the residents of Pune and Maharashtra, the story of the haunted Rolls Royce parked at Ayesha Villa in Lonavla is a well-known urban legend. Recently, a video showing this unique abandoned Rolls Royce has been shared online. Now if it is really a haunted car or not, we’ll tell you ahead.

Abandoned Rolls Royce in Ayesha Villa

According to one of the young boys in the video shared by RevCrew on YouTube, he explains that there are numerous stories of this abandoned Ayesha Villa and its Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The person explains that Ayesha Villa is located in the picturesque hill station of Lonavla.

First Version

According to this version of the story, a family lived in Ayesha Villa during the British era. One night, the family was brutally murdered, and a 17-year-old girl named Ayesha was raped and killed. Since this tragic event, locals have reported hearing strange noises and seeing ghostly figures within the house.

It is believed that the spirit of Ayesha and her family members haunts the villa, so this has made it a site of paranormal activity. The person in the video has also stated that anyone who lived in the villa after the first murders also died under mysterious circumstances, and because of this, their spirit also haunts this place.

Second Version

Apart from the above-mentioned story, there is another version of this same story. In this one, it has been said that there was a wealthy Christian couple residing in the villa with their daughter, Ayesha. One night, the house was attacked, and the couple was murdered.

This version does not clarify whether Ayesha was killed during the attack. The family’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which remains parked at the villa, is also said to be haunted.

The Real Story About This Rolls Royce

The main car in this story, which is supposedly haunted, is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. This model was in production from 1965 to 1980, so it debunks the first story which said that this car has been here since the British era.

On the contrary, this particular Rolls Royce, which has now been abandoned, was even featured in the 2004 Bollywood movie “Lakeer,” so this debunks the fact that it is a haunted Rolls Royce. Now, coming to the real story.

Real story of the Haunted Rolls Royce

One of the commenters in the video showing this abandoned Rolls Royce has told the real story. He stated that the reality is that this car and Ayesha Villa are not located in Lonavala. Instead, they are located in Khandala. Next, he mentions that there was nothing such as multiple murders or rape that took place in the villa.

Rather, he explained that this house and Rolls Royce belonged to an extremely rich Parsi family. The user stated that what actually happened was that the kids of the owner of this house and Rolls Royce have now settled abroad. As they have not returned to the country, both of them have been abandoned.

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