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Toyota Hilux Vs Isuzu V-Cross In An Off-Road Comparison Video

With offers from Toyota, the Hilux is slowly gaining popularity among buyers in India. It is becoming a common sight in off-roading groups. Before the Hilux, the lifestyle pickup segment in India was dominated by the Isuzu V-Cross. Both of these pickups are capable off-roaders and have proven their worth several times. While vehicles from this segment are not the most popular in the Indian market, there are enthusiasts who buy them for off-roading purposes. Here, we have a video where a vlogger compares the Hilux and V-Cross based on their off-roading capabilities.

The video has been shared by Small Town Rider on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger drives his Isuzu V-Cross along with his friend in a Toyota Hilux to a dried-up riverbed. This is their usual off-roading spot, and he thought it would be a great place to test the capabilities of both vehicles. The vlogger, before starting, talks about all the modifications on both vehicles. The Isuzu V-Cross has off-road spec metal bumpers, while the Toyota Hilux has a 2-inch lift kit and off-road spec AT tires. The vlogger mentions that the V-Cross is currently using HT tires, and that is going to affect the performance of the vehicle.

The Toyota Hilux was the first to go through an obstacle. The Hilux was still a new vehicle, and both the owner and the vlogger were not planning to abuse the vehicle by taking it to an extreme off-roading section. They found a very small section of the riverbed with loose rocks in it. The Hilux driver drove the SUV into it without engaging 4×4. After a point, the rear wheels started losing traction as there was loose gravel around them. After engaging 4H, the SUV started crawling forward without any problem. It is still not clear if the owner had deflated the tires before going off-road or not.

Toyota Hilux vs Isuzu V-Cross
Toyota Hilux vs Isuzu V-Cross

There was a steep climb at the end of the obstacle. The idea was to drive the SUV up the slope and get out. However, the rear overhangs of the Hilux were proving to be a problem in this case. The rear bumper was touching the ground, and the chances of damaging the rear bumper were pretty high. The owner was not ready for the same, so he carefully drove the SUV in reverse. The 2-inch lift kit was helping the Hilux a lot while driving through this uneven surface.

The vlogger then took the Isuzu, and the lack of ground clearance was evident from the get-go. The side steps on the V-Cross rubbed against the rocks, and the vlogger also mentioned that the HT tires were not helping here. As the V-Cross was equipped with an aftermarket metal bumper, he had the chance to push the SUV more than the Hilux owner. The pickup did manage to go to the slope but couldn’t clear the obstacle. The reason for that was the lack of diff locks. The Hilux has them, but the Isuzu doesn’t offer them with the V-Cross.

After this, they took the SUVs to a mud pit, and both the SUVs cleared the section without much drama. The vlogger in this video mentions that he has a soft spot for Isuzu as it was his first vehicle. He also feels the Hilux is overpriced, and the V-Cross is a better value-for-money product currently on sale in India.

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