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Volvo Crashes Its Biggest SUV Into Its Smallest Car To Demonstrate Safety

Safety is one of the major factors that many car buyers have been considering lately, along with fuel efficiency and features. Many Indian and foreign car manufacturers have risen up to the occasion and have been offering what customers have asked for: safe, five star rated cars. This said, when we speak about safety, there is a brand that comes to mind before any other. Yes, we’re talking about Volvo. We have seen several examples that prove the great build quality and exceptional safety levels of Volvo cars. Here we have a video where Volvo has intentionally crashed its biggest SUV into its smallest car to demonstrate how well they’re built.

In this video, we see a crash test arranged by Volvo in its in-house crash test lab. The test to was conducted to showcase the build quality of their smallest electric SUV, the EX30. They crashed the EX90 electric SUV (the largest Volvo sells) into the smaller SUV to show the standard of safety in this small SUV. They stated that the safety standard on both the SUVs is up to the mark.

The side-impact crash test video, which is available online, shows how well the SUV managed to absorb the impact. We do not see the view from the cabin; however, the reports said that Volvo’s data showed that the two “small-sized female test dummies” sitting on the struck side “were well protected” in the crash, with minimal infliction of injury.

If you look at the video carefully, the structure of both the SUVs looks stable even after the crash. The physical design of both the SUVs is what actually helped the manufacturer achieve this feat.

The EX30 is designed in such a manner that it disperses all the force around the structure of the car for a balanced interaction during an event. Other than this standard stuff, on the EX90, a piece of the lower front structure juts ahead of the vehicle’s primary safety structure.

Volvo crash test
Volvo crash test

The Swedish car manufacturer also said that, “The Volvo EX90 has an invisible shield of safety enabled by our latest sensing technology, inside and outside.” The manufacturer mentioned that both the EX90 and EX30’s standard of safety is better than any Volvo model before it. In India, Volvo has captured buyers’ attention for its bold and premium looks, and safety features.

There have been several instances where Volvo cars (SUVs and sedans) were involved in a major crash. Even after a major crash, the occupants in the car were able to walk away with just minor injuries. Volvo takes safety very seriously, and that is one of the reasons why people often relate safety with this brand.

Indian brands have also started taking build quality and safety seriously. Indian brands like Mahindra and Tata offer several SUVs and hatchbacks that have scored a 5-star rating in Global NCAP and Bharat NCAP crash tests. Other than Tata and Mahindra, we have cars like Skoda Kushaq, Slavia, Volkswagen Virtus, and Taigun that scored similar ratings in GNCAP crash tests.

The Indian government has also taken initiative to ensure that car brands sell safe cars in India. Safety features like airbags, ABS, EBD, and parking sensors have now become standard on all cars sold in India.

The government also plans to make 6 airbags mandatory in all cars sold here. While this will increase the cost of cars marginally, the increase in safety is something that most customers are willing to pay for. In developed countries, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is becoming mandatory on new cars. ADAS refers to a suite of safety technologies that work together to prevent crashes, and many Indian automakers operating in the affordable segments now offer ADAS on their cars’ top end trims. In the next year or two, we expect many more cars to feature ADAS.

While more safety features on car is definitely a good thing, it’s important to understand that the biggest safety feature in a car remains the driver. A safe driver in an unsafe car makes the car safer, while an unsafe driver in a safe car makes the car unsafe. Therefore, adopting safe driving practices remains the single most important factor for improving road safety.

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