Why having a woman manager can improve productivity with mixed-gender teams

BOSTON – A new study out of Harvard Business School shows reason for more women managers in the workplace.

Lack of communication between managers and their employees can lead to poor productivity and customer dissatisfaction. However, the study found female managers are better equipped to build rapport among mixed-gender teams, leading to better organizational performance and greater employee retention.

Researchers at Harvard Business School analyzed data from a fast-food chain in Colombia. They found that cisgender men managed other men well and cisgender women managed other women well, but when the staff was mixed, women “outshined” the men when it came to rapport, by creating optimal schedules, looking out for the workers’ interests, and discussing and reaching goals.

They say women are poorly represented at the management level in almost every industry, and this study provides additional evidence that giving more women opportunities to lead can improve productivity.

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