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Woman Driver Loses Control Of Kia Sonet And Hits Pedestrian Who Miraculously Walks Off [Video]

For someone to get involved in an accident, it is not necessary for them to be in a vehicle. Anyone can become a victim of an accident, even if they are a pedestrian. Recently, showcasing one such unfortunate accident, a video has been shared online. Now, the good thing about this video is that despite being hit by an uncontrolled Kia Sonet, the pedestrian managed to walk away from the accident.

Car loses control and crashes into a pedestrian in Kerala
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This video of an uncontrolled Kia Sonet hitting a pedestrian has come courtesy of Reddit. It is CCTV footage from a barbershop in Kerala. In this short clip, we can see that a masked pedestrian was walking on the side of a road on the pathway. He was seen checking out the barbershop and then checking his wallet.

What happens next?

Soon after this, we can note that a black Kia Sonet sub-compact SUV was taking a left turn on the main road. At the same time, another man comes out from the barbershop and stands just behind the man checking his wallet. What happens next is that the Kia driver could not control the car and crashes into the first pedestrian.

Kia sonet hit pedestrian

It can be noted that with a massive stroke of luck, the second person who came out of the shop was unharmed. As soon as the car came towards him, he just moved slightly and managed to avoid getting hit by the Sonet. Uncontrolled Thar accident!

How did this happen?

From what we can observe, the woman who was driving the Kia Sonet made the left turn successfully. However, after completing the turn, she could not completely straighten the vehicle and stepped on the accelerator. Following this, she could not control the vehicle and hit the pedestrian on the road.

What happened to the pedestrian?

Uncontrolled Kia sonet hits pedestrian

After the Sonet driver lost control of her car, it came rushing towards the man checking his wallet and hit him directly on his legs. The man then got jammed between the bonnet of the Sonet and the wall of the barbershop. It also shows that his head was hit against the glass and metal shutter of the shop.

However, the most intriguing part about this video is that despite being hit severely, the man was able to walk from the accident. It can be noted that after getting stuck between the car and the wall, he was there for a few moments before the car eventually reversed a little. And as soon as that happened, the man walked off.

Another angle of the accident

Kia sonet inside barber shop

The video also shows the inside CCTV footage of the barbershop. In this footage, it can be seen that a young man was getting his hair cut. The barber from the shop was spraying water on his hair. And just a few moments later, the car comes crashing into his shop.

Both of them get shocked and immediately move towards the left. In this footage as well, we can note that the pedestrian was jammed between the shop and the car. This footage also reveals that despite hitting the pedestrian, the woman driver was still pressing the accelerator of the car. She was seen in a complete state of panic.

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