Worldcoin, Litecoin gain investor interest: ETFs to AI, here’s what’s going on

  • WLD and LTC trended due to recent reports about them.
  • LTC has continued to decline, while WLD went the other way.

Recent data indicated Worldcoin [WLD] and Litecoin [LTC] were among the top trending tokens on the 6th of May.

However, a closer examination revealed that these assets were trending for distinct reasons.

Worldcoin and Litecoin lead trending tokens

Recent data from Santiment highlighted Worldcoin and Litecoin as two of the top trending tokens. Initially, Worldcoin led the trend, with Litecoin following closely behind.

However, by the end of 6th May, LTC had slipped to third place, while WLD maintained its position as the top trending token. 

Santiment attributed Worldcoin’s trend to controversial remarks regarding potential illicit financial activities, particularly those related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In contrast, Litecoin garnered attention due to anticipation surrounding the possibility of a future ETF. As of the latest update, WLD ranked fourth on the trending list, while LTC was eighth.

Worldcoin and Litcoin social dominance

Analysis of the Social Dominance of Worldcoin and Litecoin revealed similar trends on the 6th of May but divergent patterns at the time of the latest data.

On the 6th of May, LTC’s Social Dominance experienced a significant uptick, surging to over 0.76% from its previous level of around 0.45%.

However, at press time, its Social Dominance had retreated to approximately 0.63%. 

Worldcoin, Litecoin social dominance

Source: Santiment

In contrast, WLD’s Social Dominance has continued to ascend, reaching 0.36% from 0.28% on the 6th of May.

Social Dominance illustrates the proportion of discussions within the crypto community attributed to each respective token.

WLD and LTC see differing price trends

Analysis of the Litecoin daily price trend indicated that it remained unaffected by its recent token trend rankings.

Examination of the chart revealed a consistent downtrend over the past four days.

Closing at approximately $80.8 on the 6th of May, LTC experienced a decline of 0.65%. As of this writing, it was trading at around $80.3, with a further decrease of around 0.5%. 

Litecoin price trendLitecoin price trend

Source: TradingView

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In contrast, Worldcoin displayed an uptrend. Analysis of its chart revealed a three-day consecutive uptrend. Trading at $6 on the 6th of May, it experienced an increase of over 4%.

As of this writing, it maintained a trading price of around $6, with an additional rise of almost 1%.

Worldcoin price trendWorldcoin price trend

Source: TradingView

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