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Youth Sitting On Moving Audi’s Roof fined Rs. 31,000 [Video]

The public road is not a place to perform stunts as it involves several risks. Many people have been lately performing such stunts on the road for social media videos and publicity. Many of them have found themselves in trouble with the police for doing such stunts. Here we have one such case from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where a youth was seen sitting on the roof of a moving Audi luxury sedan on the road. The video was shared with the police, and the department took action against the men and issued a fine of Rs 31,000.

The video has been shared by Tricity Today on their Twitter profile. In this video, we see an Audi A4 sedan being driven on an elevated road in Noida. We see a person sitting on the roof out of the sunroof of the sedan, enjoying the wind in his hair. It is evident that this stunt was carried out just for the sake of a social media video.

He is seen looking at the camera a couple of times and posing for it. His friends following him in another car recorded this video. From the angle at which this video was recorded, it looks like his friend who was recording the video was also on the roof. However, we do not see any video that proves the same.

The person posted this video on his social media profile, and it went viral almost immediately. Some users copied or downloaded the same video from Instagram and shared it with the Noida Traffic Police. The concerned department took note of the offenders and, after analyzing the video, took action. There are not one but two Audi cars seen in the video doing similar stunts. One of them has its number plate covered, while the other car’s registration is visible. The officers have currently issued a fine to the Audi whose number plate was visible.

Youth sitting out of sunroof
Youth sitting out of sunroof

Noida Traffic Police found as many as 7 offenses in this case and issued a fine of Rs 31,000 for the violations. This included dangerous driving, changing lanes without proper indication, tinted glass, failure to use a seat belt, recording a video without prior permission from authorities, and many more.

The comment section under this video shows people who are justifying the act. One of the users said the sunroof is meant to stand out, and this is not a stunt. He also requested Tricity Today to not bother the police as they are busy with festivals.

Are sunroofs meant to stand out?

The answer is simply no. Many people still do not know how to use the sunroof correctly, and that’s why they often end up standing out of it. Keeping the windows open while driving at high speeds can lead to direct airflow into the eyes, potentially causing issues. On the other hand, sunroofs are designed to recirculate the air within the vehicle without significant wind disturbance. If you stand out of the sunroof on a moving car, there are risks of you falling down the car in case the driver applies hard braking.

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